Before the founding in 1982 of the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia, residential programs for young creative writers didn’t exist.

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Talking Heads: The A-Team's Advice on Balancing (Or Not) The Artistic Life

Nope, not that A-Team. Here the YWW Administrative Team shares some collective wisdom about how to balance an artistic life while still getting the laundry done, the bills paid, and the dishes washed or at least off the floor.

In a World Without Cats...

  1. Look at some of these examples of social issue ads from around the world. Pick a few favorites, ones that grab your attention or really make you think. Then…


When I first came to ydubs (what alumni call YWW) I was scared that I wouldn’t fit in or meet anyone who would actually want to talk back to me. But when I came to ydubs I was amazed because everyone was so friendly. I thought that I would get down about my work because I would think that everyone was better than me, but I was wrong. Since everyone has their own amazing style it inspired me to keep writing; there was a lot of encouragement about every piece I wrote that whenever I had workshop I didn’t feel as if my work was being torn to shreds. Rather it was placed in tender hands that made my ideas grow for the better. As one of my friends put it, ydubs is not something that could be explained on the website; rather, it is a place that you have to experience for yourself. Wallflowers, you will be surprised at the changes in your writing and yourself when you come to the program. Even me (the shy girl) was never asked why I was so quiet and for the first time I made loving friends who didn’t ask me to change. I met more people at ydubs than I have in my four years of high school. The people you become friends with become family and the family becomes a home you will miss when you leave. Ydubs will become a home you will want to go back to. Anyone who loves writing and talking about books with people who are as passionate about it should come! Please don’t miss out because this is something I promise you’ll always remember in the best of ways!

Kelly Foster

YWW Alumna