Before the founding in 1982 of the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia, residential programs for young creative writers didn’t exist.

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The Two Thousand Dollar Python

Sometimes when you can’t write the story you want, you end up writing the story you need.

If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, You Must Not Be Very Funny

Three years ago on my 33rd birthday, fresh off a break-up and entering my “Jesus” year, I made 3 resolutions, and I started with something easy.

1) Win a chili cookoff 2) Train to be a lady arm wrestler 3) Become a stand-up comedian


YWW was really important to me and I think it greatly influenced my path so far in life. My first summer I was in a song writing workshop with Andrew Gregory. The experience was amazing because I came in knowing very little about music,  I soaked up so much knowledge from my peers and gained confidence. Performing in front of all of YWW was my first time singing on stage, and it was so exhilarating. I have not pursued songwriting, but I still love to sit down and sing along with my guitar, Gunther Pedro, on occasion. The next summer I was in a poetry workshop, I am now a writing major in college and YWW definitely planted the seeds that made me the writer I am today.

Allie Shyer

YWW Alumna